"You wouldn't ask a child why it grew a beard, so why ask me now?" Jon Pitore

So why did Jon become a beardist?

In discussion with long time friend Clive Nielbaum who later worked for The Markasite Journal, typed "Jon used to say "Art is not a painting, or a gallery, or a 5 star review, it's the spark within that makes it so." He lectured on at me like I had no idea! Or that you have no idea? Sometimes I think, he just liked to hear me type?"

So why Beardism? Quote from The Markasite Journal "Unlike religions that spread their gospel and break apart, forming societies that hopefully have like minds. Art was always elitist, and flawed for that very reason? You take the press, they say something is news, but when a thousand people die all at once they never make the obituary column? The early artists were held in patronage! 'Patronised' if you will to create 'the myth' surrounding men and legend! And we were told to call them nothing less than 'The Masters', the masters? How ironic? Iconic polemics! Diabolic endemics!!! Then 'art' decided it should turn its face away from the view, or the mirror, to 'the new', the face within it? But still some were derided? In time
even the 'greatest' artists only became a historical footnote? Then came the future! And that got real old, real fast! You wouldn't ask a child why it grew a beard, so why ask me now?"

"For a man with so many answers he never really liked the questions?" Clive Nielbaum