"People who spend money on blunt razors can kiss my grits, and suck my dick!"

Writers, painters, and poets alike, all those that have discovered his work are changed. Strangely even dyslexics are captivated by his work. And contempory Beardist Ali Powers holds him above all, in his influences.

"Without Jon I'd've only read two books, George's Marvelous Medicine, and The Alchemist! I keep trying to track down the last remaining copies of his work, mostly I've had to make do with transcripts from his foundation in Missouri. But I keep on searching and keep on writing. I think he planned it this way, I'll find a book in a thrift store some day, and it'll probably have my name in it... I got into Beardism over having a beer with Liam Sharp, and mentioning his name. Which is also the reason why I'm published at all?"