Jon Pitore 1915-1989

"Life is short, so drink deep!".

Pitore, an Anglo-Italian emigré, married no less than seven times. ("There is fire, and there is setting fire to things, but never confuse the vestages, with a pheonix dressed in esperdrills!") Loved them all, as they loved him. As with any story, there was one he longed for and one who broke his heart, but unlike those familiar tales, these women were not any of his wives?

Before his death he recounted a rosebud character for whom he never stopped loving, but cut him from her life "like a the worst cobbler, forcing me into size 9's, then leaving me for good to walk home?!" And one other, he called his muse and eternal heart. Anyone could remark on his countless infatuations, comparisions with some of his characters with 'the people' of the day is rife, like 'Valley of the dolls' and Marilyn Monroe, but sadly her name was contained within the fire of his last book, 'My Eternal Heart'.

It's a tragedy, but like most men who seek to be remembered, his story seems fated beyond even the rational. This bore little comfort for Jon, and only by 'loving' did he find solice.

'Writing' he said, was "like finding hell on a fish hook, and only because you're that hungry, do you reel that f**ker in!"

He continues to inspire. And only for we few, will he not be forgotten. Why not print out this website, take a photo, and burn the pile, to see if you remember his immortal words, and eternal heart!