OF or TO that is the question?

Quoted as "the man who made an omelete out of 'BEAT' without breaking any", Jon Pitore is sadly missed and often overlooked. "Pulp to Pulp, and rust to rust, but firstly ashes need to burn!" His books were all but lost, but for a handful of collectors and his foundation in Missouri.

Jon Pitore passed away in a blaze that took his last book with him. A known pyromaniac, after every successive book had been published, he would take a photo and burn his copy? Keeping an album like that of a proud father, once saying about this trend "If I was meant to be remembered, if anyone is, we must survive the fire that we steal from the Gods, and change the way we spell phoenix forever, its just retarded!"

He believed and often stated, the Philospher's Stone is simply the act of "getting enough coin to buy Gold?!" At the end of his reign as Beardist Beat Maveric, he left 7 wives, who hold him in the highest regard, even today.